Tuesday, October 24, 2006

POST#2 Amy Babbles

I am an 80 year old librarian. It is the year 2045. I love to go to work because that is the way I meet people of all ages, especially the young. They have a new and vibrant energy which is transformed into ideas and visions. They are the today and tomorrow. Their energy energizes me. I creates forward thinking at a time when it might be easy for someone my age to get bogged down in a past that cannot now be modified or erased. The future is in the process of creation right now. It is like the expanding universe. It is in the dark matter that the expansion is taking place.
I am here to take care of the information needs of my clientele. They are the sunhttp://freerangelibrarian.com/2006/06/the_user_is_not_broken_a_meme.php , and I love revolving around them. RSS feeds have replaced bibliographies. It is quick and easy to customize lists for patrons of all sorts of resources regardless of media. Yes, we sometimes include a printed book as well, but Internet or stored files of all types are equally available and provided to the user. We avoid the appearance of "source discrimination" based upon type of media. My user can be here at the physical library or at her mobile device at any other location. It doesn't matter.
We also discourage using language the user does not understand. While we are responsible for authority of the data (or metedata), we keep our controlled vocabulary to ourselves. In fact, we have incorporated the language of the user in describing works when they would clearly help the user access data. I think they were called tags. This helps both our affluent, educated user as well as those from less fortunate circumstances. For these and other reasons, libraries are enjoying a great revival in popularity.
Oh yes, soft music is piped into the stacks for a more relaxed atmosphere. Patrons can purchase beverages here and drink them anywhere as long as it is covered. I think people feel comfortable with the library whether here or at a remote location.


Blogger Michael Stephens said...

I like your vision! What do they call tags in 2045?

5:28 PM

Blogger Carol Ann said...

I want to be a patron at your library in 2045!

6:31 PM

Blogger Lyndy said...

Amy this sounds great, tell me how to get a library card.

6:10 PM

Blogger Michelle said...

I love your description of the future library. Just a sidebar regarding the soft music being piped through the stacks; if there are a lot of users not in the actual library, the music should be available in podcast mode or as live streaming audio. Just a thought!

7:06 AM

Blogger Jessi said...

ANY time you pipe in music, i find the atmosphere to be more to my liking...
this sounds like a nice place to visit

11:22 AM


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