Saturday, November 04, 2006

POST #3 Amy in Grayslake

I was thinking during class about how much this class experience has enriched me as a person, and as a future librarian. These experiences are under the general heading of collaborative, community relationships.

As a class, I think that we feel relatively comfortable voicing our opinions. I felt safe expressing my misgivings about putting content on the Web. Others felt the same way, so we discussed those concerns. I started to mentally explore ways in which I could express myself on the Web without divulging too much personal information. I haven't talked with other group project members, but Nick, Lyndy and I are able to both divide the labor and work to create a final project that will be good. We make use of our individual talents to reach that goal and we share those talents. Our instructor makes sure we are comfortable with the room, the computer hardware and software, and the course content. He acts as the facilitator of the learning process.
If the majority of librarians (>60%) are this easy to work with, I can look forward to a rewarding career experience.

So what does all this have to do with libraries? What am I saying about my enriching experience that I can take with me to my future library employer? I can help to create a supportive and collaborative environment among my fellow librarians. I can share information, suggest ideas for adding services without making it an onerous burden. Heck, it can be a learning experience for us all!

Users will benefit from working with librarians who are both aware of and able to navigate the new technology. We can bring information to them that is reliable and extends outside the bounds of the physical library. Librarians can collaborate with the community in a fuller, richer sense. They will be ever more valuable as a result of their "value added" services. People will say,"I didn't know librarians knew this or could do that!"

Oh, what a happy day that will be!!!


Blogger Kelly said...


Great post. I feel it is a very comfortable and encouraging environment as well. I think it really helps to have that community, especially when you are facing new things that you haven't tried before.

11:20 AM

Blogger Annalisa said...

I agree that this class has made me rethink what libraries can offer their patrons. Instead of thinking that libraries are doomed because of technology it makes me excited to enter the profession at this time.

10:18 PM

Blogger Lyndy said...

How lucky we are to have had such an enviornment with which to explore technology. I too see that there is so much out there to offer our patrons, and they depend on us to bring it to them. This class was really two courses in one!

11:43 AM


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